2017 in Review


It is our goal at Lush Burger to provide excellent service and quality food in a clean environment to our customers. Over the course of 2017 we, the owners and management, have spoken to many, if not all, of our customers that have walked through the door to ensure that we are on top of meeting our goal, listening to feedback and applying it to better the restaurant each and every day.

Since taking over in February of 2017, Lush Burger has served over 50,000 customers, prepared over 30,000 hamburgers, 6,000 salads, 1,000 flatbreads, and 3,000 desserts.  As we begin the new year we not only want to increase these numbers but hear what YOU the customer has to say. How did we do last year? What worked, what didn’t? From our experience, the restaurant industry is one of very few that is expected by its customers to be near perfect every experience and we want to be able to provide this level of service.

Please follow the link to our 2017 Customer Appreciate Survey to let us know more about yourself and how you feel we can make Lush Burger better meet your dining out expectations.  While we only have one location in North Scottsdale, Lush Burger is certainly a destination burger joint and we believe our product is worth the drive.

Another goal this year is to let our customers know they can review us on Yelp, Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor.  We know that there are times when you may have felt you didn’t receive your expected level of service BUT we also know that there have been many other visits that were memorable for all the right reasons.  There are no excuses for a sub-par meal or customer service but we invite you to always ask to speak to a manager, as there is always one in the restaurant, to discuss any and all of your issues/concerns. While we strive to make each customers visit perfect, as people can have bad days, so can restaurants. Being able to handle your concerns before you get in your car and write a bad review or don’t return is important to us, as we are always willing to listen to you and help resolve the situation.

2017 is officially in the history books, we hope you enjoyed each and every day of last year. May 2018 bring you and yours another calendar year or adventure, prosperity, great food, good company, many laughs and of course tasty delicious cheeseburgers at Lush Burger!